Matriomonial Litigations

Although, marriage laws in India are regarded as unique and different from Western marital Laws, but in the rising trend in India in the matrimonial disputes, the Family Law Practise requires a qualified and experience Legal professionals who have the abilities to understand the delicate and sensitivity of Matrimonial disputes and the issues involved like Hurt feelings, disputes among couples, Dispute of fidelity, Judicial separations, common interests of care of kids and financial adjustments etc.

Our firm deals with the mutual consent divorce, contested divorce, maintenance, child custody, Judicial separations, divorce cases of NRIs, counselling etc.

Mutual Consent Divorce (Indian)

Mutual divorce is nowadays common between the parties with the free consent of both the parties and with understanding to defuse the matrimonial disputes including the care and upbringing of the kids with mutual understanding.

*Fee: Rs. 11,000/- (Both the motions) + Rs. 2500/- to copy of Decree of Divorce.

Separate Fee for any Other Civil Dispute or Right

Mutual Consent Divorce (NRIs)

Our firm serve the NRIs for mutual divorce and other matrimonial disputes. We give special attention as we know that NRIs often find themselves in the middle complex situation, sometimes affecting their overseas immigration status/carrier and they struggle and shuttle to obtain the basic information and legal remedies at their home country. NRIs clients need not to visit India for mutual divorce.

*Fee : Rs. 35,000/- (Both the motions)

Separate Fee for any Other Civil Dispute or Right

Contested Divorce

In the event, where the parties have strong issues/reservations against each other, interested party may approach our firm for contested divorce or otherwise legal remedies.

Why We

Hiring and experience divorce lawyer is the best way to get peace of mind while passing through the turmoil of matrimonial disputes and finding it difficult to settle the matrimonial disputes such as divorce, Judicial separation, annulment of marriage, Restitution of congenial rights, custody of child, alimony, domestic violence, maintenance etc.

*Fee: Rs. 25,000/- per case.

Extra/Separate For each new case

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